The Simpsons Halloween Costumes

The Simpsons Halloween Costumes are a great set of costumes for any family group or group of friends to go out in.

After 25 seasons on American TV, The Simpsons sitcom has become widely considered to be one of the best TV series of all time.

This cast of much loved characters introduced us to some rather interesting and comical saying such as “D’oh!” and “Eat my shorts!’

There are plenty of options to choose from in The Simpsons Halloween Costumes. You can go out as a family or even as a couple. You could be Homer and Marge or even Mr and Ms Duff Beer.

For singles, you can surely be anyone you want! Take a look at The Simpsons Halloween Costumes and find one that suits you perfectly!

The Simpsons Halloween Costumes

 Homer Simpson Costume Marge Simpson Costume Kids Deluxe Bart Simpson

Itchy and Scratchy Simpson Halloween Costumes

Any Simpsons fan will recognize Itchy and Scratchy. If you want to break away from the usual Halloween costumes, these Itchy and Scratchy Simpson Halloween costumes could be just the thing to wear as part of a Simpsons group.

Itchy Accessory KitScratchy Accessory Kit

The Simpson Family Halloween Costumes from Amazon

If you prefer to shop from Amazon, I have listed many costumes below that might be perfect your you or your group of friends or family.

The Simpsons Homer

Homer Simpson Costume:

  • 100% Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • Oversized vinyl mask
  • One size adult

The Simpson Family Costumes for Your Group

Do you have a family or group of friends that want to go out to the Halloween party together? Below I have The Simpsons Halloween costumes that will be perfect for groups.

Disguise Men’s Homer– Marge DeluxeFancy Dress –The Simpsons BartBaby Maggie theFancy Dress –

More Simpson Characters Costumes

There are even more Simpsons characters from which to choose shown below.

Homer Simpson AdultsBart Simpson MaskDuff Man SimpsonsDuff Woman Simpsons

More Fun Simpsons Character Masks

If you are looking for a favorite Simpsons character mask, take a look below and see many more from which to chose!

Bart Adult MaskBart Adult MaskThe Simpsons HomerThe Simpsons HomerThe Simpsons: MargeThe Simpsons: MargeThe Simpsons: LisaThe Simpsons: LisaThe Simpsons MilhouseThe Simpsons MilhouseThe Simpsons HomerThe Simpsons HomerThe Simpsons MoeThe Simpsons MoeThe Simpsons BarneyThe Simpsons BarneyThe Simpsons SideshowThe Simpsons SideshowThe Simpsons GroundskeeperThe Simpsons GroundskeeperSmithers MaskSmithers MaskMr. Burns MaskMr. Burns MaskAdult Foam PattyAdult Foam PattyNed Flanders MaskNed Flanders MaskThe Simpsons RalphThe Simpsons RalphGrandpa Simpson MaskGrandpa Simpson MaskOtto MaskOtto MaskThe Simpsons ComicThe Simpsons Comic

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