Toddler Bugs Bunny Halloween Costume

Toddler Bugs Bunny Halloween Costume.

Is your little snuggle bunny so fast on his or her feet that you have trouble keeping them in your sights? Sounds a bit like a rabbit.

This fun Toddler Bugs Bunny Halloween Costume might be just the perfect fit for your little one.

Who doesn’t love Bugs Bunny? This cartoon rabbit and all his adventures and mischief are perfect for many toddlers who get into everything.

This Officially Licensed Warner Bros toddler Bug Bunny Halloween costume comes with the bunny headpiece with pink lined ears. The foot and hand coverings are attached to the bunny romper.

This Toddler Bugs Bunny Halloween Costume is adorable and will be a hit at any costume party.

Toddler Bugs Bunny Halloween Costume

When your little darling slips into this adorable Bug Bunny Halloween costume you will be transported back to the days of Warner Bros cartoons on Saturday mornings. They will just go Looney Toons for this one!

Toddler Bugs Bunny Halloween Costume

If you are looking for a Bug Bunny Halloween costume for another family member take a look below and find the perfect costume.


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