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Tweety and Sylvester Couples Costumes

Tweety and Sylvester Couples Costumes.

Tweety Bird and Sylvester costumes for couples are a fun way to spend any costume occasion together!

When you show up at the party there will be no doubt as to who your mate is when they see you in Tweety and Sylvester couples costumes for Halloween.

The adorable yellow canary is quite a happy little bird and just loves to tease the puty tat!

Sylvester, the long sufferin’ black and white cat, likes to grouse while he plans and plots to get the Tweety bird for himself.


Tweety Bird Halloween Costumes

No matter which of you decides to be the yellow canary, there are some cute and sexy costumes for Tweety Bird! You be an awesome star when you choose Tweety and Sylvester couples costumes.

Rubie's Costume CoRubie’s Costume CoTweety and Sylvester Couples CostumesSecret Wishes LooneyMen's Looney TunesMen’s Looney TunesAdult Tweety BirdAdult Tweety Bird


Sylvester Cat Halloween Costumes

Be the cat that protects your bird. Sylvester would never let any other big cat step in and take his prey. These Sylvester and Tweety couples costumes will be the hit of the party when you show up together. And if you are single you might even meet your Tweety there!

Looney Tunes DeluxeLooney Tunes DeluxeSexy Sylvester LuneySexy Sylvester LuneyLooney Tunes SupremeLooney Tunes SupremeSexy Fantasy FelineSexy Fantasy Feline


More Tweety and Sylvester Couples Costumes

Show the world you were meant to be when you wear the classic Tweety and Sylvester couples costumes for Halloween!

Adult Sylvester CostumeAdult Sylvester CostumeAdult Sylvester CostumeRubie's Looney Tunes DeluxeRubie’s Looney Tunes DeluxeRubie's Looney Tunes Deluxe


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