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Unique Outdoor Halloween Decorations

If you like to dress up your yard for Halloween, you’re going to love the unique outdoor Halloween decorations here on this page. You’ll see everything from skeletons to wonderful Halloween inflatable yard decorations. Inflatables have become popular in recent years and you can see the best ones for 2016 here on this page.

Find some wonderful unique outdoor Halloween decorations and get ready to have a spectacular yard for Halloween.

Be sure to check out Halloween Black Cat Decorations as well.

Ravens and Crows for Halloween Decorating

Black crows or ravens are scary things that fly through the dark night, especially on Halloween! Use these as Halloween props on your front porch or on the low hanging branches of the trees.  Get a bunch of the black crows and scatter them through the yard.  It will appear to be a flock of crows looking for food.  They’ll be a nice spooky touch to your scary outdoor Halloween decorations.

 Feathered Small Crows – 6 Pc 1 Pc Ralph the Artificial Crow 7 1/2 Crazy Bonez Black Skeleton Crow Black Crow Shaped Mylar Balloon Large Life Size Feather Flying Crow Realistic Looking 3 PC Feathered Crows Feathered Raven Halloween Black Large Realistic Black Crow Prop 10 Inch 9 Halloween Black Feathered Crows Ravens


Unique Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Scary Skeletons

Skeletons are a great addition to your outdoor Halloween decorations. Place these skeletons strategically around the front porch and yard for the best possible effect.  How fun is that?  They are “all weather” so they can be used outdoors as well as in the house if you’d rather.

 Frog Skeleton Bones Skeleton Cat Skeleton Raven Skeleton Vulture Posable Skeleton Skeleton Spider Skeleton Owl Skeleton Rat Skeleton Dog


Inflatable Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Some of these Halloween inflatable yard decorations stand as high as ten feet tall! That makes quite an impression out in your yard! If you like to have the best outdoor Halloween decorations in the neighborhood, then you should really include some inflatables. They are big and showy and everyone notices them. Unique outdoor Halloween decorations for 2016!

 4 Foot Inflatable Jack-O-Lanterns 4 Foot Halloween Witch Legs in Pot Decoration INFLATABLE ANIMATED BLACK CAT 10′ TALL 4 Foot Inflatable Black Spider 8′ Tall I Tree w/ Ghost & Pumpkins 7 Foot Inflatable Skeletons on Train


Tombstone Halloween Decorations

Outdoor Halloween Decorations just wouldn’t be complete without a grave yard. You can buy a whole set of fake tombstones, or you can purchase them one by one. Start your Halloween cemetery this year or add to your existing tombstone collection. You can get the tombstones all the same or get several different designs.

 Fake Tombstone w/ Skeleton Hands RIP Graveyard Tombstone Super Thick Halloween Tombstone Prop Halloween Tombstone Prop with Skull & Angels Weathered RIP Halloween Tombstone Prop Halloween RIP Spider Gravestone Party Prop Graveyard


Unique Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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