Wolverine Halloween Costumes For Kids and Adults

Wolverine Halloween Costumes allow you to be the mysterious character from X-Men. Wolverine is one of the coolest X-Men characters.

Find the brooding Wolverine Halloween costumes in adult and child sizes. The bright yellow color will help you keep an eye on your child as he collects candy.

Get the jump on your costumed competition by getting your authentic looking Wolverine Halloween Costumes and leaving them to look like cartoon characters.

If you are a fan of the X-Men and Wolverine in particular, you will be very impressive in one of these great Wolverine Halloween costumes.

Wolverine Halloween Costumes

Disguise Costumes The

Wolverine Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

These Wolverine Halloween Costumes come in many sizes and even the youngest in the family can be the formidable but lovable Wolverine. Be the envy of kindergarten, because Wolverine rocks!

Due to X-Men popularity, grab a Wolverine Halloween costume for all the kids in your family, large or small. Get your Wolverine Halloween costumes early because this one tends to sell out quickly! I have listed a couple of different retailers so you can find the exact Wolverine Halloween costume you want.

Disguise Costumes TheDisguise Costumes TheChilds Wolverine OriginsChilds Wolverine OriginsClassic X-Men WolverineClassic X-Men WolverineWolverine Classic MuscleWolverine Classic MuscleX-Men Wolverine AdultX-Men Wolverine AdultMarvel Wolverine CostumeMarvel Wolverine CostumeMarvel Universe WolverineMarvel Universe WolverineDisguise Costumes TheDisguise Costumes The

More Wolverine Costumes for the Family

Check out all the merchants below and find the perfect Wolverine costumes for your family members. There are also some awesome treat bags shown below.

Wolverine Mens KitWolverine Mens KitX-Men Origins: WolverineX-Men Origins: WolverineWolverine Origins CostumeWolverine Origins CostumeCostume X-Men WolverineCostume X-Men WolverineDeluxe Wolverine CostumeDeluxe Wolverine CostumeWolverine female ClassicWolverine female ClassicWolverine T-Shirt andWolverine T-Shirt andWolverine Soft ClawsWolverine Soft ClawsX-Men Origins: WolverineX-Men Origins: WolverineWolverine and theWolverine and the


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