Womens Fairy Costumes for Halloween

Fairies are creatures of myth and legend that can be found in many stories and fairy tales. We find them endlessly fascinating. In this collection of women’s fairy costumes for Halloween, I hope you’ll be inspired and that you’ll find the perfect fairy costume.

Fairies aren’t just for Halloween you know. A fairy costume would be stunning for Mardi Gras, Carnivale, or a Renaissance Fair. Fairies are mysterious, tantalizing, and fun. Remember that these costumes come in different sizes so be sure to check for other sizes if I haven’t shown the one you want. Some even come in toddler sizes.  Cute dresses can be turned into fairy costumes with the purchase of some wings, so there are loads of possibilities!

Adult Fairy Costume

Whispering Maple Woodland Autumn Fairy

This is the queen of women’s fairy costumes for Halloween or Cosplay.  The rich, warm tones of autumn and the lavish detailing will make you something to behold when you walk into the room.  This is a one of a kind costume and if you buy it, it will belong to only you.  No one else will ever own one just like it.

Adult Fairy Costume Whispering Maple Woodland Autumn FairyAdult Fairy Costume Whispering Maple Woodland Autumn Fairy

Upscale Womens Fairy Costumes for Halloween or Cosplay

If you’re looking for a fairy costume that’s upscale and gorgeous, then consider one of these handmade fairy costumes.  Each one of these costumes from Tinker’s Penny are one of a kind and completely unique.  They are lovingly constructed of high quality materials and are quite detailed.  You will be stunning in one of these lavish fairy costumes.

Adult Fairy Costume VictorianAdult Fairy Costume Fairytale PrincessAdult Fairy Costume Wildflower FieldsAdult Fairy Costume Midnight Rose

Peacock Fairy Costume


Gorgeous Fairy Costumes

Here’s an assortment of wonderful women’s fairy costumes for Halloween.  Mystical and colorful, any of these would be a great choice.  You’ll be turning heads at all the parties!


Fun World RenaissanceMonarch Fairy ButterflyLovely FairyCalifornia Costumes Women’sTooth FairySecret Wishes Sexy

Women’s Fairy Costumes for Halloween

Dark Fairies

All fairies are not the same you know.  Just as there are nice fairies, there are naughty, dark fairies as well.  If you want to be a fairy from the dark side, these costumes are for you.  These are fairy costumes done in darker colors or in goth style.  Perfect for Halloween or cosplay.

Rubies Fantasy FairyEnchanted FairyDark Fairy CostumeBlack Fairy Dress

Fairy Wings to Purchase Separately


If you already have a dress or an outfit that you’d like to use for a fairy costume, you can purchase a pair of wings to transform it.  Great for rounding out your womens fairy costume for Halloween.

Fun World BlackFashionWings (TM) PinkCreative Education’s GlitterFairy Adult Wings2014Latest Egypt ExcellentJumbo Fairy Wings


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