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WWE Miz Halloween Costumes

WWE Miz Halloween Costumes make you a movie star!

The Miz and his ego sometimes have a hard time fitting into the same clothing.

Grab your best star studded hooded sweatshirt or robe and follow us as we show you how to dress for Miz success!

WWE Miz Halloween costumes don’t have to be difficult to put together. You just need a little style counseling.

You want to be AWESOME and we will show you how he does it with WWE Miz Halloween costumes.

WWE Miz Halloween Costumes

WWE Miz Halloween Costumes

WWE Miz Halloween Costumes

WWE Miz Halloween Costumes

Miz costumes must include hoodies and sunglasses in grand movie star style. Make sure you have all the accessories for your perfect WWE Miz Halloween costumes.

Sleeveless Hoodie SweatshirtSleeveless Hoodie SweatshirtMovie Star SunglassesMovie Star Sunglasses


Get An Authentic WWE The Miz T-shirt

Show off your fan loyalty to The Miz or make these Awesome T-shirts part of your WWE Miz Halloween Costumes.

KIDS - WWE The Miz ShirtKIDS – WWE The Miz ShirtADULTS - The Miz Awesome T-shirtADULTS – The Miz Awesome T-shirtADULTS - Hello I'm Awesome T-ShirtADULTS – Hello I’m Awesome T-ShirtWOMEN'S - The Miz Logo ShirtWOMEN’S – The Miz Logo Shirt


WWE Intercontinental Championship Title Belt

Any WWE Miz Halloween Costumes would be incomplete without the WWE Intercontinental Championship Title Belt. The Miz has worn the Intercontinental title and really made this title his chosen title in the WWE. Your costume wouldn’t be complete without one of these title belts.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Title BeltWWE Intercontinental Championship Title Belt


Black Wrestling Gear for WWE Costumes

Find the best wrestling gear here. Get the pants or shorts as well as the arm and wrist protectors.

Men's Board Shorts BlackMen’s Board Shorts BlackWrestling Fleece SweatpantsWrestling Fleece SweatpantsAdjustable Wrist SupportAdjustable Wrist SupportStandard Knee and Elbow PadStandard Knee and Elbow Pad


Black Wrestling Costume Boots

Every wrestler needs intimidation and these boots make you look as though you would stomp out any competition.

Pro Wrestling Costume BootsPro Wrestling Costume BootsPro Wrestling Costume BootsPro Wrestling Costume Boots


WWE Replica Championship Title Belts

WWE United States Championship BeltWWE United States Championship BeltWWE World Championship BeltWWE World Championship Belt



Be The Star of Miz TV for Halloween

Be the star on Miz TV and invite some of the other WWE and NXT Superstars to accompany you onstage as you interview them. Trying to pull off the best looking Miz costume? Add some of these props!

Studio Director Chair - BlackStudio Director Chair – BlackWWE Big Talker MicrophoneWWE Big Talker Microphone to accompany


The Miz Photos and Wall Posters

Any of you ladies or men who decorate your WWE dedicated rooms with posters should be sure to get these AWESOME posters!

WWE Miz Halloween CostumesWWE Miz Halloween CostumesWWE Miz Halloween CostumesWWE Miz Halloween Costumes


More WWE Superstars Costumes

Want to pick out another wrestler to dress up as for Halloween? Check out these other WWE Wrestling Halloween Costumes we have put together for you.

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