Zombie Prom King and Queen Halloween Costumes

Let’s get ready for the prom! What’s that? The prom has been taken over by a hoard of zombies? That’s ok because you can dress up as a zombie prom king or queen for Halloween and fit right in! These are perfect for a couples costume idea.  Are you in a costume contest this year?  These outfits are winners.  And have your camera ready!  These costumes are great photo ops — and you will remember this Halloween forever! Zombie costumes are more popular than ever this year. Now is the time to find that perfect Zombie prom King costume.

Featured below are great deals on Zombie prom king and queen Halloween costumes. Available in all sizes from kids to adults. Plus all kinds of zombie Halloween accessories.

Great costume ideas for trick or treating or costume parties!

Kids Zombie Prom Queen and King Halloween Costumes

These zombie prom king and queen Halloween costumes are for the children. Dress up your kids for Halloween costume parties, trick or treating, or just for play time as a zombie prom king and queen for Halloween!

Zombie Prom Queen CostumeZombie Prom Queen CostumeZombie Prom Guy CostumeZombie Prom Guy Costume


Zombie Prom Queen Costume- Kids

If your beautiful little girl wants to be a zombie prom queen for Halloween, you do have some choices. It depends on just how spooky she wants to be.

4 PC. Girls' Zombie Prom Queen Dress4 PC. Girls’ Zombie Prom Queen DressZombie Prom Queen GirlsZombie Prom Queen Girls


Zombie Prom Queen Halloween Costumes for Adults

Now on to the adult sizes. Here are zombie prom queen costumes in a variety of looks and styles. These costumes are for teenager to adult size ladies. There are zombie prom king costumes for the guys for sale further down on this page.

Zombie Prom QueenZombie Prom QueenProm Queen Zombie CostumeProm Queen Zombie CostumePutrid Queen Tattered Prom DressPutrid Queen Tattered Prom DressZombie Prom Queen CostumeZombie Prom Queen Costume


Zombie Prom King Halloween Costumes

Has your date succumbed to the bite of a zombie? If so, these zombie prom king Halloween costumes will be just what you need to dress up your prom date! Here are the best zombie prom king costumes for teenagers and men.  The guys want to be really creepy!

Men's Zombie Prom KingMen’s Zombie Prom KingMen's Zombie ShirtMen’s Zombie ShirtMen's Zombie with Mesh SleeveMen’s Zombie with Mesh SleeveSkeleton ZombieSkeleton Zombie


Complete Zombie Make Up Kits for Halloween

No zombie costume would be complete without a zombie make up kit. Create the illusions of cuts, scars, and blood curdling zombie bites to really give your zombie costume a more complete look. Here are the top zombie make up kits for Halloween.

Deluxe Step-by-Step Make Up KitDeluxe Step-by-Step Make Up KitForum Novelties Inc Zombie Makeup KitForum Novelties Inc Zombie Makeup KitSpirit Zombie Bloody Multi ScarsSpirit Zombie Bloody Multi Scarskmp-z (Kit) Zombie Kitkmp-z (Kit) Zombie Kit


Zombie Hair and Wigs For Your Zombie Prom Queen and King Costumes

After the make up comes the hair right! Ladies, you know what I’m talking about! Finish off your zombie prom king and queen Halloween costumes with some zombie hair! These are some of the best selling zombie wigs for Halloween for men and women.

Black Streaked Phantom WigBlack Streaked Phantom WigZombie Creature WigZombie Creature WigForum Novelties Zombie Rocker WigForum Novelties Zombie Rocker WigZombie Grave Robber WigZombie Grave Robber Wig


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