Zorro Halloween Costumes

Zorro Halloween costumes are a fun character costume for Halloween or other costumed party event.

The famous Zorro is easily recognizable as the masked Latin hero. Zorro is the secret identity of Don Diego Vega.

The athletic hero, Zorro, tends to make fun of the bad guys as he dances around them while they try to fend off his skilled sword play.

His costume is nearly all black. His hat, mask, and cape are the typical look of Zorro. Also use gloves and sword for the perfect Zorro Halloween costume. You see them for men, women, kids, and even your pets.

Zorro Halloween Costume

Below you will find several options for fulfilling your dreams of being the hero, Zorro. Pick a ready made costume or pick and choose the pieces you prefer to make your own costume.

Zorro Grand HeritageZorro Grand Heritage


Zorro Costumes for Couples

These costumes are an adorable way for you and your better half to do couples costumes. There are Zorro costumes for both men and women.

Zorro Complete AdultZorro Complete AdultWomen's Zorro, LadyWomen’s Zorro, LadyBandido Adult SetBandido Adult SetWomen's Beautiful BandidaWomen’s Beautiful Bandida


Child’s Zorro Costume for Halloween

Below you will find Zorro costumes for kids and teens. You will also find accessories you can use to put together your own costume.

Childs Zorro CostumeChilds Zorro CostumeZorro Child's ZorroZorro Child’s ZorroHand-painted Tie-On BlackHand-painted Tie-On BlackMen's Zorro AdultMen’s Zorro AdultMen's Zorro DeluxeMen’s Zorro DeluxeCostume SwordCostume Sword


More Zorro Halloween Costumes

More Zorro Halloween costumes are shown below. Check all the merchants for stock and shipping options that you need.

Adult Zorro HatAdult Zorro HatZorro CostumeZorro CostumeAdult Zorro HatAdult Zorro HatAdult Zorro AccessoryAdult Zorro AccessoryAdult Zorro GlovesAdult Zorro GlovesDeluxe Zorro SwordDeluxe Zorro SwordZorro MoustacheZorro MoustacheZorro MoustacheZorro MoustacheZorro Bandana withZorro Bandana withAdult Eva ZorroAdult Eva Zorro


Zorro Halloween Costumes for Pets

Don’t forget your darling doggie when you make your entrance at the Halloween party! Your precious pet will look amazing in a Zorro Halloween costume.

Zorro Pet CostumeZorro Pet CostumeWMU Zorro PetWMU Zorro Pet


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