Child and Adult Road Kill Halloween Costumes

Adult Road Kill Costume

Child and Adult Road Kill Halloween Costumes.

Have you ever wondered what road kill felt like laying there on the side of the highway?

Get a feeling for the animal afterlife with this fun and crazy adult road kill Halloween costume.

Hit the party in the funny costume and impress your friends with your ingenuity and creativity.

Tire marks and guts hanging out make up the main features of this fun Halloween costume.

This costume kit comes with everything you need to dress up as disgusting and dead road kill for Halloween.

This costume is also available in children sizes below.

Plus, you can comparison shop for the best prices by checking the other online retailers who offer this funny costume kit for sale.

Child and Adult Road Kill Halloween Costumes

 Child Road Kill Costume Road Kill Kids Costume Adult Road Kill Costume Adult Road Kill Costume

Child Road Kill CostumeAdult Road Kill Costume

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