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Sexy Lingerie Costumes for Women

Sexy lingerie costumes for women can be worn year round to make sure you keep the attention of your mate.

Halloween, anniversaries, birthdays, and anniversaries are just examples of great excuses to wear sexy lingerie costumes. And when you surprise your mate “just because”, that is even better.

Take a look below and find one or several Sexy Lingerie Costumes for Women to keep your love life sizzling!

The perfect angel is always a great choice for those who love the white silky lingerie and always wanted to be an angel.

Daisy Corsets Women'sDaisy Corsets Women’sGSG Angel CostumeGSG Angel CostumeLavish Flirty AngelLavish Flirty AngelDaisy Corsets 4Daisy Corsets 4


Fun Sexy Lingerie Costumes for Women

These sexy lingerie costumes for women are as cute as they are hot. Whether you want to be one of the bunnies, or be part of a bedtime story, one of these costumes could be the key to happiness. Be as naughty or nice as you like but don’t miss out on the chance to fulfill wishes and fantasies for both you and your mate.

Seven Til MidnightSeven Til MidnightForplay Women's BoldForplay Women’s BoldEscante Women's BedroomEscante Women’s BedroomLeg Avenue Women'sLeg Avenue Women’sSStarline Women's NaughtySStarline Women’s NaughtyMusic Legs Women'sMusic Legs Women’s


Sexy Dark Angel Lingerie Costumes for Women

If you always wanted to show off your naughty angel side, these gorgeous fallen angel designs will say what you may not wish to express in words. Your mate will feel the fire. The dark angel rarely shows mercy on her victims.

California Costumes FallenCalifornia Costumes FallenInCharacter Costumes Women'sInCharacter Costumes Women’sInCharacter Costumes Women'sInCharacter Costumes Women’sBe Wicked CostumesBe Wicked Costumes


Here we find the long dreamed of French maid to fulfill all his fantasies. She is always popular and the sexiness of the outfit cannot be overstated. Choose one of these sexy French maid outfits and put on your best accent for a stunning and welcomed surprise for your mate.


Was your mate the high school jock? Or maybe he was the high school nerd that crushed on the head cheerleader. Whichever the case may be, you can fulfill his greatest desires by becoming that vixen he dreamed of in high school or college. With an “ahh” and an “ooh”, who will he love? Y-O-U!!


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