Child Washington Redskins Halloween Costumes

Washington Redskins Youth Uniform

Child Washington Redskins Halloween Costumes.

If your son is a fan of the Washington Redskins, this complete uniform kit makes a great costume for Halloween or even play time.

This Washington Redskins uniform kit comes with a full size youth football helmet with Washington Redskins NFL logo.

Plus, a game style youth jersey with an iron on numbers kit. Put any number you want on the jersey.

Also included in this costume kit is a pair of white with red and yellow stripes football pants. A chin strap is also included for the football helmet.

The football helmet is not meant for actually playing football. Only as a costume or for dress up play time.

Halloween will be a lot of fun when you dress up as a football player for the holiday.

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Take Time To Shop For The Best Deal

Spend just a moment to check the price for these child Washington Redskins Halloween costumes. You might be able to score this fun costume kit for a lower price.

NFL Redskins Uniform Costume

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