Family Guy Halloween Costumes

Family Guy Halloween Costumes. If you love watching Family Guy, maybe you would like to dress up as one of the characters from the cartoon for Halloween this year. Everything you need is right here.

Here are Family Guy Halloween costumes for adults and kids. With these masks and costumes kits, you can dress up as Peter Griffin, Stewie, Brian, or even Quagmire from the Family Guy cartoon series.

Think about it, how many people do you know who would pick this unique costume idea for Halloween? Probably not too many. If you are trying to win a costume contest or just want to be unique, one of these Family Guy Halloween costumes is a perfect idea.

Stewie and Brian Costumes for Adults

Dress up as Stewie or Brian from Family Guy for Halloween this year. These are the most popular Family Guy costumes for Halloween.

Adult Stewie CostumeAdult Brian Costume

Other Family Guy Halloween Costumes

A couple choices for Family Guy Halloween costume ideas. They have the adult Stewie and the sexy Brian Halloween costume kits for adults. Want costumes for husband and wife? Or boyfriend and girlfriend costumes? These would make great couples costumes.

Family Guy Quagmire Deluxe Adult MaskFamily Guy Quagmire Deluxe Adult MaskPeter Griffin MaskPeter Griffin MaskTeen Stewie CostumeTeen Stewie CostumeStewie Adult CostumeStewie Adult Costume

Peter Griffin Halloween Costumes

To dress up as Peter Griffin for Halloween, buy one of these two Peter Griffin Masks and then make the rest of your costume with just a white shirt and brown slacks. Peter always wears a black belt too. There are also round frame glasses and a wig that you could use to make a Family Guy Peter Griffin costume for Halloween.

Peter Griffin (Dad) Vinyl MaskOfficial Family Guy Mask –Round Spectacle Costume Glasses70’s Sideswept Brunette Adult Male

Stewie Family Guy Halloween Costumes and Masks

There are Stewie costumes for adults and children. Also Stewie masks and t-shirt combo kits to make a Stewie Halloween costume for Halloween. Click on the images below for more details.

Family Guy Stewie Costume T-ShirtStewie Costume Adult Family GuyFamily Guy Stewie Mask SizeDisguise Inc. Stewie Griffin Vacuform

Brian Family Guy Halloween Costumes

Men, Women, and kids can get dressed up as lovable Brian from Family Guy. Men and kids can buy the Brian costume and women have a sexy Brian costume. Plus, there are Brian masks you can purchase to create your own costume.

Brian CostumeFamily Guy Brian Women’s Costume

Family Guy Halloween Masks

Which cast member do you want to dress up as? Peter, Stewie, Brian? There are also Quagmire Halloween masks too. Not many of the other cast members have costumes though.

Official Family Guy MaskMULTIPACK – 4 FamilyBrian – Family GuyPeter Griffin – FamilyStewie – Family GuyQuagmire – Family GuyOfficial Family Guy MaskOfficial Family Guy Mask

Family Guy Halloween Collectibles

Do you just feel like collecting some fun Family Guy items? Here are some collectibles you might like.

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