Childrens Soldier Zombie Halloween Costumes

Childrens soldier zombie Halloween costumes are always a popular choice for Halloween costumes for kids. This Zombie Navy Seal Team 6 costume for children is perfect for play time or Halloween.

A little known government project is in the works and it has to do with zombies and their soldiers.

That’s right, deep in some dark and damp top secret laboratory there are undead Navy Seals being taught how to fight and sneak around. And once they’re released on the world no army will ever beat them!

These childrens soldier zombie Halloween costumes includes a Jumpsuit, Helmet, Face bandana, Vest w/ accessories, and Knee pads.

These fun costumes for kids are available in three sizes for children. Small, Medium, and Large. Order your son a costume for playtime or for Halloween. There are several other costume options below.

Childrens Soldier Zombie Halloween Costumes

Childrens Soldier Zombie Halloween Costumes

Other Childrens Soldier / Zombie Halloween Costumes

Zombie costumes are a fun way for your child to express himself on Halloween. Your son can let out his inner demons for one day a year. Or grab some of these soldier zombie costumes for play time.

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