Wreck It Ralph Halloween Costumes

Wreck It Ralph is a movie released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2012.  It is very popular, at least among the younger set.  Our almost two year old granddaughter has watched it at least 5 times in the last two days.  At the end she always says, “Bye Weck It Walph!”  That makes it worth having to watch it so many times!

A good thing about Wreck It Ralph Halloween Costumes is that the overalls and shirt can be worn after Halloween.  They are items that you might even already have. But if you don’t want to put your costume together from scratch, there are kits available now. It’s a great costume and also lends itself to a group costume.

Click for Wreck it Ralph CostumeClick for Wreck it Ralph Costume


The cast includes not only Wreck It Ralph, but also Fix-It Felix and Vanellope von Schweetz as the main characters.  They are all characters in video games.  Ralph wrecks everything and Felix obviously fixes things.  Vanellope turns out to be the princess.  Sergeant Calhoun is the leader of the game and she ends up marrying Fix-It Felix.  Unfortunately, I’ve not found any costumes for Sergeant Calhoun.

Ralph and Vanellope would be a cute father-daughter costume combo.

Let’s look at Wreck It Ralph Halloween Costumes.

Wreck it Ralph Halloween Costumes

From Amazon

Wreck It Ralph costumes are now available at Amazon!  If you prefer to get a ready made costume rather than build it yourself, you might like these options.

 Mens Adult Deluxe Wreck It Ralph Costume Boys Child Deluxe Wreck It Ralph Costume Plus Size Wreck It Ralph Costume


From HalloweenCostumes.com

Wreck It Ralph Costumes are now available for order at HalloweenCostumes.com!

Wreck it Ralph Costumes

 Wreck it Ralph Plus Size Wreck it Ralph Adult size Wreck it Ralph Child size


Wreck It Ralph Fists and Feet

 Wreck It Ralph Fists One Size Men Male Funny Feet Slippers (Standard)


Vanellope Von Schweetz Costumes

Vanellope Von Schweetz is a cheeky race car driver who turns out to be the princess of Sugar Rush.  She wears a cute hoodie, a brown skirt, tights, and she has candy in her hair.   See more Vanellope Von Schweetz costumes here.

Vanellope costumes are now in stock!

Vanellope Von Schweetz AdultVanellope Von Schweetz Child

Wreck It Ralph Halloween Costumes

We have not only Ralph’s overalls and orange shirt, but also the oversized hands and feet.  The overalls and shirts are available in both youth and adult sizes.  This is a pretty easy costume to put together and it’s fun too!  The only thing that’s specific to Wreck it Ralph are the oversized fists.  The big feet could be used for a Hobbit, a caveman, or Flintstones costume on another occasion.  Everything else can be recycled into another costume or can be worn for every day.

Wreck It Ralph OverallsWreck It Ralph Overalls


Wreck it Ralph Youth ShirtWreck It Ralph Adult Shirt

More Wreck It Ralph Choices

Check this section for Wreck It Ralph costumes for everyone.  We have women’s, mens, boys, and girls.  It’s such an easy costume, and the overalls and orange shirt can be worn after Halloween, which makes it a good value.

Carhartt Women’s Zeeland Sandstone Bib OverallWool Overs Women’s Cashmere & Cotton Long Sleeved HenleyBerne Men’s Big & Tall Unlined with Ashed Duck Bib OverallTexas Longhorns Thermal Henley Shirt Burnt OrangeBerne Men’s Original Unlined Duck Bib OverallRound House Heavy Duty Brown Duck Button Fly Bib OverallsMen’s Traditional Short Sleeve Henley Shirt_Deep OrangeFRENCH TOAST Boys Short Sleeve Fashion Henley T-shirtDickies Big Boys’ Kids Sanded Duck Bib OverallSplendid Little Boys’ Textured Solid Henley TopBerne Apparel Youth’s Sanded INS Bib Quilt Lined OverallBig Boys’ Insulated Bib Overalls Brown Winter OverallsSoffe Big Boys’ Dri Fit Baseball HenleyKey Industries Insulated Bib Overalls Big Girls’ Brown Winter OverallsChild’s Orange Henley Shirt Girl or BoyLittle Girls’ Little Boys’ Insulated Bib Overalls Dark Brown

Fix It Felix Costume Components

Here are costume pieces and accessories for Fix It Felix.  If you have someone to go with, Wreck It Ralph and Fix It Felix would be a good choice.

Fix-it Felix Jr. Belt and Hammer SetAdjustable Velcro Baseball CapHammer Stress Toy Fix It FelixKids Leather Work Gloves for 4-6 Years OldSuede Nail and Tool Bag with Poly Web Belt,Fix It Felix Shirt Blue short sleeve

Wreck it Ralph T-Shirts from Zazzle

A Wreck It Ralph T-Shirt is a great choice if you’re the one taking the kids around trick or treating.  You can coordinate with them and you can wear the shirt after Halloween or you can give it to the kids.  Also a good choice if you’re the one staying home and handing out candy.  Wear it to work if your work allows it!

Wreck-It Ralph Arms Crossed T ShirtsWreck-It Ralph 4 HoodiesWreck-It Ralph ShirtOne-Man Wrecking Crew! Tee ShirtWreck-It Ralph: I’m Gonna Wreck It! ShirtWreck-It Ralph: I’m Gonna Wreck It! ShirtVanellope Von SchweetzFix-It Felix Jr Shirts Wreck it RalphTaffyta with Car TshirtSergeant Tammy Calhoun RunningKing Candy TshirtsBad Guys Don’t WinKeep Calm and Glitch On! TshirtsKeep Calm and Glitch On! T Shirts

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A good thing about Wreck It Ralph Halloween Costumes is that the overalls and shirt can be worn after Halloween.

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