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Conspiracy Theorist Halloween Costumes

Here are the top Conspiracy Theorist Halloween Costumes. Are you the type who questions the official story? Do you think the government is out to get you? If so, these costume ideas might be right up your alley.

Do you like a good conspiracy theory? Then I have the perfect costumes for you.

Dress up as a conspiracy theorist for costume parties or trick or treating. I have the perfect items for you to assemble a costume that tells everyone you are a conspiracy theorist.

These costumes will be unique and one of a kind type costumes.

They are perfect for office parties or any costume party you might attend for Halloween or any other time.

Conspiracy Theorist Halloween Costumes

One item you can make yourself at home for conspiracy theorist Halloween costumes is a tin foil hat. You probably already have aluminum foil in your cabinet to create a hat from. Watch the video below for easy directions.

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil

How To Make A Tin Foil Hat Costume For Halloween

Conspiracy Theorist Halloween Costumes

A tin foil hat is great, but you probably will want a little more to go with your costume. So, here are other ideas for making Conspiracy Theorist Halloween costumes. Starting with the grand daddy conspiracy theory of them all, at least in my opinion is the fake moon landings! Did man land on the moon? Combine a tin foil hat with an astronaut suit to give the impression of the fake moon landings.

Men’s Astronaut CostumeAstronaut Suit Child

Are You A Birther?

The “birther” conspiracy theory centers around whether or not Barack Obama was born in the United States or Kenya. The conspiracy gets even deeper when you try to figure out who started the rumors. Was it Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Grab a mask of one of these two presidential candidates to make your own conspiracy theory costume for Halloween.

Donald Trump Mask - Republican Presidential Candidate MaskDonald Trump Mask – Republican Presidential Candidate MaskDisguise Costumes Hillary Deluxe Mask, AdultDisguise Costumes Hillary Deluxe Mask, Adult


New World Order Halloween Costumes

Another huge topic with conspiracy theorists is the New World Order. How can you create a New World Order costume for Halloween? Well, back in the old attitude era of wrestling, there was a group called the Ne World Order. So, you can take one of those t-shirts and combine it with a tin foil hat to give the conspiracy theory impression you are looking for.

NWO Wrestling T-shirtWWE NWO T-shirt

Jade Helm 15 Halloween Costumes

Who would have thought that a little training of the military over in Texas would cause such a stir? That’s exactly what happens when Obama sends federal troops to train in the hostile environment of Texas! Texans, thinking martial law was coming, started a huge uproar over Jade Helm 15. Even the Governor got involved in the ordeal. Create a Jade Helm 15 Halloween costume out of these stylish t-shirts.

Hostile Texas – Jade Helm 15 Texas Takeover T-shirtsJade Helm 15 Military Training In America 2015 T-shirtsJade Helm 15 Military Training In America 2015 TeesJade Helm Observer Women’s Tee

The Biggest Conspiracies Involve Our Presidents

Nearly every President the United States has ever had has been involved in some sort of conspiracy theory. Or at least that’s what they say! You never can know for sure what is true or what is just a conspiracy theory! I hope you have a happy Halloween!

Kennedy MaskRichard Nixon MaskBill Clinton MaskObama MaskReagan MaskGeorge W. Bush Mask

Celebrities Have Been Involved In Conspiracy Theories

Did Elvis fake his own death? Was Michael Jackson really murdered? Was Marilyn Monroe secret lovers with JFK? Celebrities are often embroiled in a conspiracy theory or two. If you want to dress up as one of these characters for Halloween, these are the best costumes to do that.

Elvis CostumeElvis Child’s CostumeMichael Jackson JacketMichael Jackson CostumeMarilyn CostumeScreen Goddess Costume

Roswell Aliens Halloween Costume

Perhaps the incident that started all conspiracy theories is Roswell New Mexico. Here are some of the best alien costumes for Halloween.

Alien CostumeAlien Commander Child CostumeFull Body Spandex AlienAlien CostumeAlien Agent Child CostumeChild Space Alien Costume

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