Flo Insurance Lady Halloween Costumes

Flo Insurance Lady Halloween Costumes. You have watched the funny insurance commercials with Flo the Insurance Lady right? How would you like to dress up as Flo for Halloween this year?

I’ve got everything you need to create your Flo Insurance Lady Costumes for Halloween. Just pick from the options listed below. Click on the images!

The first step to creating your Flo insurance lady costume is to get the right wig. Flo wears a very particle style of hair in the Progressive Insurance commercials. This makes it very easy to replicate the Flo Insurance Lady as a costume for Halloween.

The following items listed below are exactly what you need to create this fun costume idea for women.  There are also costumes available below from several online retailers. Allowing you the chance to shop for the best deals.

Flo Insurance Lady Halloween Costumes

Do you want a costume that is unique and likely to be the only one at the costume party? The Flo insurance lady Halloween costume is the perfect choice! Or you could always dress up as the big green gecko this year!

Flo Insurance Lady Halloween CostumesInsurance Girl WigFlo Insurance Lady Halloween CostumesProgressive Flo Costume SetInsurance Lady CostumeInsurance Lady CostumeAdult Gecko CostumeAdult Gecko CostumeGecko CostumeGecko CostumeGecko Adult CostumeGecko Adult Costume

Flo Insurance Lady Costumes for Halloween

This is just the wig. Buy the Flo insurance lady wig featured below to create your own women costumes for Halloween. Combine it with the other items on this page to create your own outfit for Halloween.

Flo Insurance Lady Costumes for Halloween

Blue Hair Band for Flo Halloween Costume

The wig above doesn’t include a blue hair band as shown in the product image. So, you will need to purchase one to give your costume the “Flo look”. Here is a perfect blue hair band for your costume. Flo always wears blue because that is the main color in the Progressive Insurance logo.

Flo Insurance Lady Costumes for Halloween

The Best White Apron for a Flo Costume

Part of Flo’s work uniform is a white apron. There isn’t any Progressive logo aprons available, but you can buy a basic white apron and use iron on letters to create a Progressive apron for your costume. Iron on letters are featured near the bottom of this page for you. There is a parody apron available that says “Depressive” instead of Progressive. If you would like to create funny Flo Insurance Lady Halloween costumes.

Flo Insurance Lady Costumes for HalloweenFlo Insurance Lady Costumes for Halloween

White Work Shirt and Work Pants

A white Dickies style work shirt and white scrubs style pants will work great for your costume idea. There are many of these available, so I think I found the best deal for white shirts and pants for you below.

Everything Else You Will Need!

Blue high top canvas shoes will help complete these Flo Insurance Lady Halloween costumes. Plus, you can add an I Heart Insurance button to really complete the look. Plus here are the iron on letters and the wig cap as promised up above. These items should complete the Flo Insurance Lady Costumes for Halloween you are after.

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