Terrific Giraffe Costumes for Kids and Adults

There’s a pretty good variety of giraffe costumes for kids and adults. A giraffe costume is not a common sight so if you’re looking for something a little different, this might be it.  This costume will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.  Ghosts and goblins are old hat, right?  Time to move on to wildlife costumes!  Giraffe costumes are great for Halloween, of course, but they can also be worn to costume parties, dress up day or any other occasion calling for a costume. If you’d like to keep it simple with just a giraffe t-shirt and a hat, we’ve offered those options too!  Also scroll to the bottom and check out the giraffe masks.  Get your giraffe costume and have fun!

Giraffe Tutu Set in Orange

This giraffe tutu Halloween costume is just spectacular.  The colors are stunning and the little girl wearing it is sure to make a splash.  Handmade to order so place your order early!

Tutu Set in Safari Giraffe Orange

Tutu Giraffe Costumes

Gorgeous, handmade, high quality tutu giraffe costumes from Etsy are awesome!  They are different than most of the giraffe costumes you’ll see out there.  These feature a tutu with a giraffe print bodice.  These giraffe costumes are some of the best Halloween tutu costumes you are going to find.  Since these are handmade you’ll want to get your order in as early as possible so you’ll be assured of getting the costume you want.

Giraffe 2 pc Costume setSafari Giraffe Costume With LeggingsGiraffe Tutu Feather DressTutu Outfit in Hot Pink Giraffe

Giraffe Halloween Costumes for Kids

You have some great choices here for kids giraffe costumes and they’re going to look really cute in one of these costumes!  There are several versions and varieties to choose from.  Some of them match the adult giraffe costumes if the family is going out together.  Giraffe costumes for kids and adults can all be found here on this page.

Just Pretend KidsRubie’s Silly SafariRasta Imposta ChildrensSugarSugar Kids GigiRG Costumes ‘Funsies’Giraffe T-shirt Style Costume for Kids

Dog Giraffe Costume

This is a great dog costume.  Dogs are part of the family and they like to be included in what you’re doing.  Not all dogs will wear a costume but if yours doesn’t mind, why not?

 Giraffe Hoodie for Pet, Large


Giraffe Costumes for Adults

Giraffe costumes are certainly unusual and you’ll probably be the only giraffe roaming about on Halloween.  If you like to be set apart from the crowd, a giraffe is the way to go.  Check out these giraffe costumes for adults.  Giraffe costumes for kids and adults are fun!

Fever Giraffe Costume,Giraffe Cutie CostumeSmiffy’s Men’s Giraffe Costume Giraffe Print Jumpsuit, Pink/White

Giraffe costumes for adults can be pretty funny. These costumes will insure that you’re the life of the party or that yours will be the most talked about costume at work.  The ears and tail sets are cute and would be perfect for wearing with some of the t-shirts shown below.  Whatever your style, there’s a giraffe outfit for y

Giraffe T-Shirts, Hats & Accessories

Giraffe Costumes for Kids and Adults

I love these giraffe t-shirts! You can certainly wear these for Halloween, but you can also wear them any time of the year. They go great with jeans and will look nice for a day out shopping or to meet a friend for coffee or lunch. Animal prints are very popular, and that includes giraffe prints.

Giraffe skin Giraffe skin

Giraffe Masks

If you’re looking for something simple maybe you’d like one of these giraffe masks.  They could go nicely with one of the t-shirts too.  There are masks from different merchants so you can shop around a bit.  Great to go with giraffe costumes for kids and adults.

Giraffe Plastic MaskGiraffe MaskLatex Giraffe MaskFoam Mask GiraffeKids Giraffe MaskVenetian Italian Mask

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Terrific Giraffe Costumes for Kids and Adults

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