Harry Potter Movie Character Costumes

Harry Potter movie character costumes continue to be some of the most popular outfits for Halloween or costume parties. Join groups that get together for Harry Potter cosplay. Couples costumes are fun too!

If you are looking for Harry Potter costumes, there are also some here.

The characters in the Harry Potter books and movies are so well written we feel we know them. However, the trouble they get into isn’t for all of us.

Of course, there is always the battle of good and evil going on. Each character faces obstacles and sometimes narrowly escape death.

However, some of the incidents were quite comical. Do you remember the Whomping Willow incident and subsequent Howler letter from Ron’s mother?

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Harry Potter Movie Character Costumes

Below, I have listed Harry Potter Movie Character Costumes. You will find Harry, Ron and Hermione, as well as many others. While you’re here choose your favorite characters and make it a great Halloween.

Harry Potter Character Costumes

Harry Potter Character Costumes

Harry Potter Costumes

Our hero, Harry Potter, has fun Gryffindor robes available as well a one for Quidditch. Ge the Harry Potter robe costume that fits your style.

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger Costumes

These Harry Potter characters went through the same awkward stages as the child who didn’t fit in anywhere. However, they were welcomed into Hogwarts School of Wizardry, where they were understood.

Harry Potter Movie character costumes

Draco Malfoy Costume

Malfoy was caught up with his scheming father’s plans, however, he needed to be recognized. Draco Malfoy costume is shown below, as well as his wand.

Draco Malfoy Kids CostumeDraco Malfoy Wand

Albus Dumbledore Costume

Meanwhile, Professor Dumbledore watches over and carefully grooms the children to become the best they can be.

Harry Potter Albus DumbledoreAlbus Dumbledore Tassle HatMen’s Wizard Adult CostumeMen’s Adult Mr. Wizard

Professor McGonagall Costume

Professor McGonagall, while trying not to show any preferential treatment, did her best to watch over the children.

Harry Potter McGonagall’s HatProfessor McGonagall HatPanne Velvet Hooded CloakUnderwraps Deluxe Goth BlackHarry Potter McGonagall’s WitchHarry Potter Wand Professor

Professor Snape Replica Costumes

Noble Collection Professor Snape’SNoble Collection – Harry

Rubeus Hagrid Costume

Costume Characters Caveman BeardHarry Potter Hagrid DeluxeHARRY POTTER HAGRID LATEXWig and Beard Set

Dobby Mask and Hands

Harry Potter Dobby Child’sHarry Potter Dobbie Hands

Lord Voldemort Costume

Harry Potter deals with all sorts of evil from Lord Voldemort. This guy is a genius, however, he chose to use it unwisely.

Harry Potter Adult Voldemort RobeHarry Potter Child’s Voldemort Costume,Harry Potter Voldemort Deluxe AdultHarry Potter Voldemort Hands

Dementors and Death Eaters

These scary Harry Potter Movie character costumes cause panic among the non-Harry Potter fans. The Dementors are fairly scary looking and will rival many of the  more frightening Halloween costumes this year.

Harry Potter Dementor CostumeHarry Potter Adult DementorHarry Potter Dementor DeluxeHarry Potter Dementor HandsHarry Potter Deluxe Child’sHarry Potter Adult DeluxeHarry Potter Adult FemaleHarry Potter Death EatersAdults Mens Scary HorrorFemale Death Eater Bellatrix

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