Hollywood Hulk Hogan Halloween Costumes

nWo Hollywood Hulk Hogan Halloween costumes. It may have been the greatest heel turn in Sports Entertainment.

Do you remember the nWo? Who doesn’t right? The night the red and yellow Hulkamania turned to a heel and joined the nWo. Hulk Hogan became known as Hollywood Hulk Hogan. No heel turn has ever came close to this one!

Do you want to dress up as Hollywood Hulk Hogan for Halloween? Or maybe you are going to a WWE Monday Raw event and want to be that one guy in the crowd dressed as Hulk Hogan? This is your chance!

Here is a nWo Hollywood Hulk Hogan costume kit. It features the black nWo style bandanna and a nWo t-shirt.

“Blood is thicker than New Blood…dude!” Show the world how big of a Hulk Hogan fan you are with this fun and affordable costume kit.

Whacha gonna do brother? When the black and white of the nWo runs wild on you? Now rip off that shirt!

Hollywood Hulk Hogan Halloween Costumes

Here it is! The complete Hollywood Hogan costume kit. Everything you need to relive the glory days of the most notorious faction in sports entertainment – the nWo.

nWo Hollywood Hogan Complete Costume Set

Hollywood Hulk Hogan Halloween Costumes

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