Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

Harry Potter Halloween costumes are hugely popular and always a big hit. He is highly recognizable and is like another member of many families. For some, their children grew up with Mister Potter. You know you just heard that in the voice of Professor McGonagall.

If you are looking for other Harry Potter Halloween Costumes, you will find them here.

With so many books over the years and the growing he has done through each of his experiences, there are plenty of Harry Potter costumes and accessories from which to choose.

Harry Potter is a hero to any child who doesn’t feel like they fit the mold. Those who think outside the box have found a kindred spirit.

This Gryffindor Harry Potter replica robe is well made. It has a lined hood and a wand pocket inside. You or your child can look authentic in this Replica Harry Potter Gryffindor robe.

“You’re a wizard, Harry.”

 Replica Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe

Harry Potter Halloween costumesReplica Gryffindor Robe


“Where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart.” If you’ve got bravery, chivalry, and nerve in your heart, you probably belong in the house of Gryffindor. Other famous members include: Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, and Sir Nicolas de Minmsy-Porpington. You’ll be respected by the wizarding world in this Replica Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe.


  • Officially licensed
  • 100% polyester
  • Black robe features crimson lining in hood, front opening, & inside of bell sleeves
  • Closes in front w/ loop & button
  • Left chest adorned w/ embroidered Gryffindor patch
  • Small pocket (perfect for wand) located in left side lining

More Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

If the above Gryffindor robe is not quite what you are seeking, below I have listed more available Harry Potter Halloween costumes for boys from which to choose. Some may be duplicates from more stores to give you the best available pricing and availability.

Harry Potter Halloween Costume Accessories

Harry Potter costume accessories make your costume even more authentic and fun for you and the people you meet. Where would a wizard be without his wand? For even more fun, Harry’s flying broomstick as well as Hedwig, glasses, and many other costuming or cosplay options are shown below.

Harry Potter Fan T-Shirts

 Hogwarts Alumni Gryffindor Crest Quidditch Team Captain Dat Snitch Cray Snitches Be Cray Pott Head – Harry Potter Keep Calm and Carry A

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