Opposuits for Halloween or Cosplay

What is an Opposuit?

An Opposuit is the opposite of a business suit, a parody so to speak.  Whereas a business suit is coordinated and formal, an Opposuit is flamboyant and loud, using prints that you would never associate with a regular business suit.  Opposuits for Halloween or Cosplay are great for making a big splash.  No one will fail to notice you!  An Opposuit is perfect if you’re allowed to wear a Halloween costume to work.  They are great for parties or if you want to make a big impression.

 OppoSuits Men’s Skulleton Men’s Skeleton Opposuit OppoSuits Bloody Harry OppoSuits Men’s Bat Suit


Opposuits are ridiculously outrageous and perfect for a Halloween Costume or Cosplay.  There’s a crazy opposuit for lots of different occasions.  A camo opposuit might be a dress suit for hunters or campers.  A patriotic opposuit could be worn to a 4th of july picnic or parade.  The pink and orange opposuits, well, I can’t think of an occasion for them but I’m sure if you have one you’ll know it!

Opposuits For Halloween or Cosplay

OppoSuits Men’s The Jag Party Costume Suit, Brown, OppoSuits Men’s Commando Party Costume Suit, Green/Black/BrownOppoSuits Men’s Party Costume Suit, OrangeOppoSuits Men’s Stars and Stripes Party Costume Suit, Blue/Red/WhiteOppoSuits Men’s Tashtastic Party Costume Suit, White/BlackMorris Costumes Halloween Party Cosplay Starring Suit SizeMorris Costumes Halloween Party Cosplay Testival OppoSuits Men’s Poker Face Party Costume Suit

Short Summer Opposuits

The suits include three pieces, jacket, pants and tie, all matching.  Opposuits are made from good quality cloth and have a good cut.  If you’re born to be wild, an opposuit might just be perfect for you!  Wear it anywhere!  Opposuits for Halloween or cosplay will certainly make an impression!  If you travel to the beat of a different drummer then an opposuit is for you!  Opposuits for Halloween or Cosplay are perfectly proper in every way… ok, except for the colors and patterns.

Some of these opposuits would be perfect for a beach wedding, whether you are a guest or part of the wedding party.

Tulip Shorts OpposuitPInk Shorts OpposuitGeometric Shorts OpposuitJag Short OpposuitPatriotic Shorts OpposuitOrange Short Opposuit

Opposuits for Halloween

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