Sexy Boxer Halloween Costumes


Here are sexy boxer Halloween costumes for women and men. Do you enjoy getting in the ring and knocking out your opponent? Perhaps a boxing costume is just what you need for Halloween.

I have featured costumes for women and men who want to dress up and put a little spice in their life! These boxer Halloween costumes are a great idea for costume parties. Let your wild side out in a sexy knockouts boxer girl outfit. There are several choices below.

These cute boxer Halloween costumes includes the boxing gloves and a robe. Some also include a matching top and shorts. Click on the images below to see more details about each costume.

Here is everything you need to dress up as a cute boxer girl or even boxing guy in case you have a date! Throw your best punch and knock them out in round one.

Sexy Boxer Halloween Costumes

The best boxer Halloween costumes from Amazon are here. You can be a sexy boxer girl for an adults Halloween party, or just let your wild side out at home and dress up for your man! Step in the ring for lightweight boxing action when you dress up as a boxer this year for Halloween.

Sexy Boxer Adult Role Play CostumeSexy Boxer Adult Role Play CostumeGet 'Em Champ Sexy Boxer CostumeGet ‘Em Champ Sexy Boxer CostumeDreamgirl Women's KnockoutDreamgirl Women’s KnockoutEverlast Boxer Chick Sexy ContenderEverlast Boxer Chick Sexy ContenderBoxer Babe CostumeBoxer Babe CostumePlus Size Sexy Boxer Girl CostumePlus Size Sexy Boxer Girl CostumeLadies Sexy Pink Boxer Girl CostumeLadies Sexy Pink Boxer Girl CostumeSexy Girl Boxer CostumeSexy Girl Boxer Costume

Boxer Halloween Costumes for Him or Her

Grab a date and get in the ring for the main event of the evening! Here are Sexy Boxer Halloween Costumes for men and women. These make great couples costumes!

Sexy Rocky Boxing Costume

Fun Couples Boxing Themed Costumes

Do you have a date for the holiday? Here are fun costume kits from several costume retailers from across the internet. Check prices and comparison shop for the best deal with the following complete kits.

Everlast Boxer Adult Mens CostumeEverlast Boxer Adult Mens Costume
Boxer Girl Costume
Boxer Girl Costume
Sexy Knockout Boxer Instant Costume KitSexy Knockout Boxer Instant Costume Kit

This is my Costume I’m Really A Sexy Boxer T-shirts

Sexy Boxer Costume Premium T-shirtSexy Boxer Costume Premium T-shirt

Naughty Boxer Girl Costume for Halloween

Hot womens boxer Halloween costume. These cute boxing girl costumes are some of the best selling boxing costumes for women. Includes Hooded Robe; Top; Skirt; and Boxing Gloves! Dress up as a naughty boxing girl for Halloween! These adults costumes includes matching robe and boxing gloves.

Down And Dirty Boxing SetDown And Dirty Boxing SetAdult Everlast Boxer CostumeApollo Creed Robe & Short ComboRocky Balboa Robe & Short ComboIvan Drago Robe & Short Combo

These are some more sexy boxing costumes that I could find on Amazon. All sizes of costumes are available, but may not be shown here!

Hooded Robe WomenSexy Costumes Boxer

Are You Creating Your Own Boxing Costume?

Here are boxing gloves for females to create your own females boxing costume for Halloween.

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